Re-prints and enlargements can be made from any already processed colour negative film whether it be the whole film or cut up strips.


Please do not cut up your negatives into individual frames it is easier for us to handle the negatives if they are kept in one strip.


Each negative has a number underneath the image either a whole number or a number with an 'a'. please choose the number closest to the centre of the negative when ordering your re-prints or enlargements.


It is much more cost effective to have the whole film re-printed rather than individual photos if you want a number of prints. A complete film has to be made from the same film not strips made up from different films

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To use this service choose the service that you want to order, enter the quantity of prints that you wish to order for that size required. (if ordering a complete film re-print select the number of sets required not the total of prints) Then follow the order process through to completion. List the numbers of the photographs you wish to order either on the print wallet or print off a copy of our reprint order form CLICK HERE. Print off a copy of the confirmation email of your order and sent to us at the address on the order form for processing. We will advise you on receipt of your order and through the order process with notification of despatch.

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