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Update 23rd May 2020

Whilst we wait for the powers that be to let us know that it is ok to re-open our doors I am writing this update to let you know that we are processing films behind closed doors, waiting until we have enough to justify powering up the machines and preserving the chemistry as much as possible in between. We are operating a slightly longer delivery time and your patience and understanding for this is much appreciated as there is only one member of staff processing and one sorting out postage dispatch etc.

We are en devouring to answer your messages as fast as we can and we would also like to thank you for all the nice messages of support received over this time.

We are monitoring the processes each day that the machines are turned on before processing to maintain our standards and our methods of control have proven successful to enable us to carry on the work we are able to do.

We are accepting orders by post and through the letter box by hand, with our arrangements with our post people who have helped immensely through this time.

Thank you for your continued support and from us all we would like to wish you all well and continued safety.

Jonathan, Alison and the Team