Scanning Services

With today's technology we can offer scanning and archiving services for virtually any media source. We can scan film, prints, slides, paintings. We can work towards a number of different requirements and can print from almost any size to any size. 

With our experience we are apt at copying fine art for reproduction, and we can scan already processed film from 110 up to 10x8 sheet film in all variations, (colour negatives, black and white negatives and slide film) We can scan these to which ever photographic format you might require: JPEG or TIFF (most popular) or we can also supply PNG or PSD files. We have different file size options for our film scanning from small (social media friendly) files up to the largest TIFFS. 

We also scan and archive prints, such as in photo albums which have become very popular again today as they were in the past. But there is also a requirement to digitise prints for any number of reasons. This is a great way to preserve the images for the future. We also offer a restoration and retouch service for photographs that have become damaged or faded over the years with even the option to turn a black and white photo back into colour. 

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