colour film processing

35MM colour developing and printing

35mm colour film, processed and printed from 6x4" to 12x8" in gloss or matt finish and supplied with or without borders

35MM colour re-prints & enlargements

Complete films or individual prints produced from processed negatives from 6x4" to 24x36" enlargements in gloss or matt finish 

35MM colour processing & scanning

35mm colour film processing and scanning services supplying JPEG or TIFF scans with different delivery options.

35MM E-6 slide film processing, mounting, scanning

This is for 35mm colour slide film, process E-6. We offer film processing only, a mounting service and digital scans also. Slide film can be pushed and pulled in the process if required.

Medium format colour develop & printing

All colour medium format film processed and printed including 6x4.5cms up to 9x6cms films printed from 6x4" up to 12x8" packages

Medium format colour re-prints & Enlargements

Colour medium format film re-prints and elargements from 6x4" up to 60x40" and longer panoramic formats available.

Medium format colour processing & scanning

Colour medium format film processed and scanned into JPEG or TIFF formats and delivered in various methods

Medium format E-6 processing & scanning

E-6 medium format slide film processed and scanned into JPEG or TIFF formats and delivered in various methods. Push and Pull options available.

5x4" colour film processing & Scanning

We process and scan all types of 5x4" colour film in Jpeg or TIFF files

already processed colour film scanning

If you have already 35mm, 120 or 5x4" processed film that requires scanning only and not processing first then choose this service.

aps film processing printing and scanning

We still process print and scan APS films traditionally in the formats they were shot in although film is no longer available the service continues.

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