The Essentials of Digital Photo Printing

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When it comes to digital cameras, one of the greatest benefits is digital photo processing. If you are new to digital photo printing, this guide will help you find your way around digital prints and how to choose the best service for your precious family moments or creative snaps.


How to upload images for digital photo processing First stop – some tips on using online digital photo printing services. Many companies will provide you with a website address or even a software tool that allows you to easily upload your images. The layout and instructions usually are very easy to follow and within minutes your photos will be sent to the service provider. Aside from the speed and convenience it provides, it also has an additional benefit of security - your images will be stored on the company server and if you accidentally delete them from your camera and/or hard disk, you may still be able to recover them. Some companies even supply you with software than uploads your images to an online server as soon as you connect your camera, making the process run in the background with no input or hassle. When you are ready to get your digital prints, you simply log on to your account and choose the photos you want to print, along with other options such as size, number of copies and finish. At this stage you can also upload some additional photos if you wish. Keep in mind - most services offer bulk discounts, so it's better to have all your digital prints done in one go.


How to edit images before ordering digital prints

There is nothing worse than having a beautiful photo spoiled by the dreaded "red eye" effect. Back in the day that would doom the image to the furthest reaches of the photo album. Luckily nowadays it is no longer a concern as most digital cameras have a way of eliminating this effect. However, if the read eyes do occur, it can be dealt with easily and quickly. Good digital photo processing companies will provide you with free tools for simple photo editing, such as cropping, red eye removal, colour balance change etc. Be sure to check with your provider if it is something they can do for you, as it will greatly enhance the quality of your digital prints. The easiest way to make these alterations is via online tools that save you from the hassle of downloading and installing additional software. You can make all the necessary adjustments straight from your user account, where you see all your uploaded photo ready to be printed. Now you can do simple enhancement and design tasks yourself without turning to pricey photo editing services.


There are numerous digital photo printing companies out there. Many will offer you free sample prints for you to choose their service based on quality. Be sure to inquiry about any samples before ordering your digital prints. Sometimes the images will not appear the same as they do on your monitor or phone screen, so you must check that you are happy with he colours and resolution.


Least but not least, delivery charges and delivery options also need to be taken into account. You need to make sure that there are no excessive shipment costs and that your digital prints will be delivered to you promptly and safely, without them being damaged or even lost along the way.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand more about digital photo printing. I didn't know that companies can provide you with tools for simple edits. I can imagine that this could be really beneficial to make sure you get the photo right, but also for having a good back and forth with the company. Perhaps they can help give advice on some good tips for the image that will make it look a lot better for when it's going to be printed.

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