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Photo processing has been interesting this year with very exciting news through the industry with film production starting again in Italy with Farrania and the UK with Kodak.


The main asset of FILM Ferrania are people. We cannot imagine such a delicate and magic product like film made by people without a close empathy with its preparation process. The film is something you have to produce in complete darkness, you need to have a sort of intimacy with it to obtain the excellence; no tool can do better than a team of people with over 30 years of experience who live close to the factory.

We are really very proud to present our core R&D and production team: Corrado, Danilo, Renzo, Daniele, Ezio e Marco are the people who can realize the future of the  analog film.



As we as a company approach the end of another year we have seen a marked increase in business throughout the year with our customer base extending to most countries accross Europe, USA and The Far East.

Our aim is to continue to provide traditional film processing services along side digital printing.

Thank you to all of our customers new and existing and we look forwar to being of service throughout 2014.

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